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Stephanie Mearse


 Stephanie Mearse has worked with Desert Capital Management Group since 2014 and was recently promoted to Vice President of the company. Stephanie has a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.  She has been a professional in Marketing for over 15 years. In 2014, 2015, 2016, she received the companies Top Performer Award for her commitment to excellence and outstanding performance.

In her personal life, Stephanie is dedicated to her family, friends, and church. She's actively involved in Rotary Club, The Women’s Thursday Club, and her local Chamber of Commerce. Stephanie is co-Founder of Empower (Women's Networking Group) and was a recent finalist for a local Honorary Mayor position.  Married with a young son and daughter, Stephanie is passionate about impacting the lives of others, and helping those she meets to achieve both their professional and personal goals. 

Anne Browning


Please help me Welcome Anne Browning to our Team!

Anne is a wonderful women capable of doing anything she puts her mind to! She is well known in the community thru her works in Rotary and the Fair Oaks Chamber.

Starting in January Anne will be a Branch Manager for the Empower Hour Twilight club! This is for all the ladies who have wanted to be apart of Empower Hour but who could only attend and night and anyone else who would love to join! We are so excited to have Anne on our team! 

Jennifer House


Jennifer House has worked in the senior industry for years. She has a degree in American Sign language and currently owns a dance school. She has many talents and a heart for helping women. 

She is the team lead for the Solono County Branch.

Laura Platt



Please Help me Welcome Laura Platt to our Empower Hour Team.

Laura is a health and wellness coach and an award winner speaker. She has a background in corporate America and has lead teams to success.

Laura Platt is will be our Branch Manager at the Elk Grove Branch. The focus of that branch will be to give speakers tools for success and help upcoming speakers.

We are thrilled to have her on our team!

Ester Van Antwerp


 ❤️Please help me Welcome Esther Van Antwerp to our Empower Hour Team❤️

Esther is an amazing mother and in active military. She is intelligent and loves being active in the community! We are so excited to have Esther on the team! Esther is our new Marketing and Media Manager! 

Carolyn K. McGraw



Please help me Welcome Carolyn K. Mcgraw to our Empower Hour Team!

Carolyn is a talented coach with many gifts. She has had a television show and now focuses on helping children and youth. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

Carolyn will be the Branch Manager for Empower Hour; Success for Entrepreneurs which will be hosted in Sacramento. Details to follow!