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Membership Agreement

  Membership Agreement

Hello Amazing Member!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an official member of Empower Hour! We are absolutely thrilled to invite you into this group of inspirational, powerhouse women! We appreciate your time and understand how valuable it is.

Empower Hour is comprised of a diverse group  of women who support, encourage and empower one another to live abundant lives. We are goal oriented, community growth supporters and a charitable organization that hosts a number of fundraisers benefiting women & children in need of financial, mental, emotional, medical & physical support.

Empower Hour monthly meetings are held in 9 different locations at different times. The first 30 minutes are comprised of personal & professional introductions, announcements, food and networking. Food is purchased by each member/guest individually, and NOT by the EH organization. Guest speakers then have 30 minutes to positively impact us with motivational presentations revolving around subjects such as; Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life Balance, Self Care and Professional Influence. The last 15 minutes are left for a quick re-cap of personal & professional introductions, business card raffle prize drawing, as well as any announcements (events, changes within EH, etc.).

We strive to maintain a platform of respect towards one another pertaining to religious, cultural and political preferences. We have an open door policy that invites all walks of faith to join us, as long as it’s a positive & productive influence during Empower Hour meetings. We ask that these preferences be respected. Therefore, we ask that each member be mindful of personal space and not ‘lay hands’ on or ‘push’ any religious, cultural or political preferences on Empower Hour guests and/or members.

We absolutely invite each member to bring promotional materials for your business! There will be a table specifically for promotional cards, materials and raffle prizes. So PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BRING THEM! We love donated raffle prizes too! We want to promote, encourage and celebrate your success! We feel honored that you have allowed us to be part of it and we sincerely thank you!