Speaker Agreement


Hello Dynamic & Influential Speaker!

On behalf of Empower Hour, we thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here with us for inspiration, growth and empowering one another to live our best quality of lives! We appreciate you and welcome you with open arms!

As Empower Hour continues to grow and host a platform of diverse speakers, we strive to bring a positive and productive influence to our members. This is inclusive of respecting boundaries, religious beliefs, cultural differences and political preferences. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you do NOT place religious/spiritual/political cards, worksheets or similar material on the tables. You may ABSOLUTELY bring other promotional materials to market your business and assist in guiding your presentation, as well as mention your stance on these subjects. You may also reference what you believe to be your personal and/or professional truths and preferences.

Empower Hour women are women of acceptance within a circle of healthy admiration for one another. Personal and professional boundaries are respected. Therefore, we ask that Empower Hour meetings are NOT used as a platform to ‘lay hands’ on one another for any reason other than a good old fashion hug!

We strive to live full, abundant lives and we are thrilled to have you as our guest speaker! Thank you again for your time and allowing us to gain and grow from your influence!

Again, on behalf of the women of Empower Hour, we appreciate you, thank you and welcome you with open arms!


Empower Hour Members